I make custom items!

In addition to the items in my shop, I also make custom items.  Here's a few examples of some of the many custom creations that I've made.

White Raven outfit, including accessories.

Kill Bill style catsuit.

Batman Returns style Catwoman catsuit and waist cincher.

Kasumi (from Mass Effect) style catsuit.

X23 costume.

New-style WonderWoman leotard.

Faye Valentine costume.

Supergirl themed lingerie set.

Supergirl inspired bikini top.

Chest detail on a custom Spiderman catsuit.

Sango themed accessories.

Robin themed catsuit.

Psylocke's bodysuit.

Bat-inspired fingerless gloves.

So many stripes! Custom Jolyne oufit.

A Ghost In The Shell style corset.

Custom Domino catsuit.

Custom Diane cosplay costume.

Leggings with a diamond pattern.

Custom DARQ logo.

Wonder Woman's black and silver look.

Legal imprint