I make custom items!

In addition to the items in my shop, I also make custom items.  Here's some examples of just some of the many custom creations that I've made.

Robin themed catsuit.

Psylocke's bodysuit.

Bat-inspired fingerless gloves.

Custom military-themed accessories.

So many stripes! Custom Jolyne oufit.

A Ghost In The Shell style corset with matching belt.

Custom exercise-themed outfit, including a halter top, bike shorts, and knee high socks.

Custom Domino (from the X-men) catsuit.

Custom Diane (from the anime series The Seven Deadly Sins) cosplay costume.

Leggings with a custom diamond pattern down the side.

Custom DARQ logo.

Sometimes Wonder Woman goes for a formal black and silver look. This sleeveless catsuit included shoulder pads, bicep bands, and fingerless gloves.

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