Vivishine Latex Polisher gives your latex a nice, even shine and has a smooth, non-greasy finish.  Here's how to wash and shine your latex with Vivishine.

When you first purchase a latex item, it will have a dull, matte finish and a light powder coating.  A quick rinse later, and it will have a beautiful shiny finish!

Pre-Shine Samples

Step 1:  Rinse with Water

The first step is to just rinse your latex with water.  If your latex is brand new, you'll be rinsing off the powder residue.  If you're washing a garment that's been worn you may want to use a little bit of soap, but stay away from anything with perfumes or deodarents in it--you don't want any sort of oils to get near your latex.  

I swirled my samples in a bowl of water to remove the powder residue.  You can also rinse your latex in the sink, or under running water in the shower.

Rinising the latex in water.

Step 2:  Rinse with Vivishine

Next, add a small amount of Vivshine to the water and mix it around.  The cap of the bottle makes a convenient measuring cup.  

You can see the water begin to bead ontop of the latex as it is coated with Vivishine.

Rinsing with Vivishine

Step 3:  Hang or Lay Flat to dry

You can hang your latex on plastic hangers or lay it flat on a towel or sheet to dry.  Once the outside has dried, flip the garment inside out to let the inside dry.  (A time saving tip is to flip the garment inside out during the rinsing process.  Then when you flip it during the drying process you're flipping it right-side out so it's ready to wear).  

You may notice white spots on your latex while it's drying, especially on transparent pieces.  This is normal--just be patient and the spots will disappear, leaving you with a nice, even shine. 

White spots while drying is normal.

Step 4:  Your Latex is Ready to Wear!

Vivishine leaves your garment with a deep, glossy finish.  The surface is a little slippery, but it doesn't have a greasy residue and feels nice and smooth to the touch.

Black Latex