I recommend Vivishine for a beautiful, even shine.  To shine your garment with Vivishine, you'll want to rinse the garment with water first, to remove any extra powder residue.  Then mix a small capful of the shine agent in a sinkful of water and swirl your garment around in the water.  Hang on a plastic hanger to dry, flipping it inside out once the outside has dried.  Once both the inside and outside have dried, your latex clothes are ready to wear.


It will be easier to pull on your garment if you dust the inside with talc or baby powder, or use a latex dressing aid.  I recommend Wet Platinum Premium Personal Lubricant.  It's a latex-safe lubricant (DO NOT use any oil-based products near your latex).  You can also use Wet Platinum to shine your latex, all though it has a slippery finish (which can be fun...).  The benefit of using a dressing aid over talc or baby powder is that you don't have to worry about the powder getting on the outside of the garment and messing up your shiny finish.

You may want to wear light cotton gloves if you have long fingernails. Slide your hand flat between your skin and the garment and pull away your whole hand, shifting the garment as you do so. Repeat and shift until the garment is in place. 

Stay away from flame and fire (and cigarettes) while wearing latex: the material burns very easily. Also avoid handling light colored latex after handling copper, brass, or bronze, as these can discolor latex.  Latex reacts poorly to oil, so be careful of oil-based products, like perfume or deodarent.  


You'll want to rinse your garment in water soon after taking it off, to remove any sweat or skin oils that might damage the latex if allowed to sit for too long.  You can use a mild soap if you like, but watch out for perfumed or moisturizing soap, which can contain oils.  Start by rinsing the outside of the garment, and the flip it inside out and wash the inside.

You can either lay your garment flat or hang it on plastic hangers to dry.  Once the surface is dry, you can flip it right-side out to finish drying.  


The most important thing about storing your latex is to make sure it's somewhere sunlight can't get too.  A closet or drawer is perfect.  It would be best to store it either hanging on a plastic hanger or laying flat (you don't want it to sit too long folded up, so if you do need to store it folded take the garment out every couple weeks or so and refold it a different way so that the latex doesn't crease).  Be careful of what sort of garments you're storing your latex next too.  It's best if it can hang free by itself.  Being in contact with vinyl, leather, or metal (like zippers or studs) can cause the latex to start detiorating.  

You may want to shine your latex before putting it away--that way it will be nice and shiny next time you're ready to wear it!

Have Fun!

Latex takes a little extra maintence, but it's a beautiful material with a unique feel and finish.  With a little bit of care your latex garments will last a long time.