Classic Harley Quinn

Creating an outfit that reflects Harley's classic look was a lot of fun!  I started by breaking down the outfit into it's different pieces:

Harley's Catsuit

This was fairly easy.  Harley's catsuit is a variation of my standard catsuit.  The only catch was double and triple checking to make sure I had the black and red panels on the right sides!  

Harleys Catsuit

Harley's Collar

While fairly simple in concept, Harley's collar requires some extra materials.  The first challenge was finding poof balls that were the right size, and making sure that I could glue them to the latex and have them stick.  The second challenge was figuring out how the model should put the collar on.  Knowing that she would be spending a lot of time on her hair and make-up, I decided that the collar should open up so that it wouldn't interfere with that.  Moving the snap to the side instead of the back let her hide the closure under one of her pig-tails.

Harley Collar

Harley's Mask

To make Harley's mask, I started with a plastic mask form, cut it to better reflect Harley's outlaw look, and then glued black latex over the top.  Both my cat mask and Ms Marvel mask are made the same way.

Harley Mask

Harley just needs her wrist cuffs and shoes to complete the oufit!  I'll cover those in my next post.  

Top photo credits:

Model, Hair & Make up:  Ai Tenshi Misha- Model Photo:  Gas Oven Photography

Hammer Prop:  KerogaForge