Classic Harley Quinn

Now for a couple of the trickier pieces:  Harley's wrist cuffs and shoes!

Harley's Wrist Cuffs

To make Harley's frilly wrist cuffs, I start by cutting a long strip of white latex and then making regular pleats in it.  Then I glue the pleats together, offsetting them just a bit.

Gluing the pleats together.

As the pleats add up the cuff starts to take shape.

The cuff takes shape

Next I glue a band along the inside of the cuff.  This will help keep the pleats in place, provide a place to attach the snaps, and makes sure the cuff is the right size.

Adding the wrist band.

Finished!  Now I just need to make the second one...

Finished cuff.

Harley's Shoes

Harley's shoes were made by gluing latex over a patent leather shoe.  I don't list these on Etsy because I'm not sure I can get the exact style of shoe again, but any vinyl or patent leather shoe will work, and I'd be happy to either shop for a pair for you or work with a pair of shoes you already own.  

Harleys Shoe

All finished!  Harley's ready to cause some mayhem!

Harley Quinn

Top & bottom photo credits: 

Model, Hair & Make up:  Ai Tenshi Misha- Model 

Photo:  Gas Oven Photography 

Hammer Prop:  KerogaForge