You don't need to go with a full latex outfit to enjoy this fun and sensual material this Halloween!  Just an accessory or two can make your costume stand out.

Fingerless Gloves

1. Fingerless Gloves

A simple pair of gloves can add a gothic touch to your costume, and the fingerless style means your hands will breath and be comfortable all night!  I've got a couple different styles of fingerless gloves, including these ones that come forward over your hand a bit and have a loop for the thumb.  


2. Mask

Nothing like a simple face mask to complete your costume!  The pull on design makes it easy to wear, and it dresses up almost any outfit.

Wrist Cuff

3. Wrist Cuffs

Are you going as a well-dressed pirate or a courtly noble?  Don't foget your frilly wrist cuffs!


4. Choker

Simple, but effective.  Add just a touch of the risque to your outfit with a latex choker.  


5. Sash

Nothing is easier to add--and adds attitude--like a jaunty sash tied low over your hips.  Dark Phoenix is wearing one; so is Ms. Marvel at the top of this page.  A great addition for swashbucklers and adventurers too!  And it's easy to make--just take some latex sheeting, cut a strip or two, knot the ends together, and tie it around your waist!  

Photo Credits:

Ms.Marvel & Wrist Cuffs:

Model:  Ai-Tenshi Misha Photo:  Gas Oven Photography

Fingerless Gloves:

Model:  Sylivia Schiesser

Photo:  William Navarette


Model:  Summer Kay

Photo:  Rodney San

Dark Phoenix:

Model:  Nyx Noire